“Justice and Mercy” is a 120 page book compiling Min-Woo Hyung‘s artwork. Min-Woo Hyung is the creator of the manwha series “Priest” which was turned into a movie last year. I like Min-Woo Hyung’s style: his figures are very angular, and they kind of look like fashion models. I think his style would lend itself well to the superhero comic genre while also having the manga look. One thing I noticed is there aren’t a lot of dynamic poses in the drawings. There are 24 paintings/ colored drawings in the book, but the bulk of the work are pencil drawings and sketches.

Apart from the artwork, I like the design of the book. They use gold ink in a few choice pages, and the cover has a “soft” feel to it. It feels like they put a layer of padding between the cardboard and the paper on the cover. The paper stock also changes in one section (i like variety).

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