I haven’t added a lot of stuff to this site for a while, so last month I finally decided to do some sitekeeping duties and updated the “woocommerce” plugin that powers my shop…i really regret doing that. The biggest problem was that the update itself was faulty: somebody didn’t use the correct syntax on their style sheet which pretty much made the whole back-end of my site kaput. I had to use Cyberduck to go in the back-end and just remove the css file that was giving problems. So the back-end of my site worked, but next I found out my theme was no longer compatible with this updated plugin. I just installed the updated version of the theme which should make it compatible with woocommerce once again…but life is never that simple. Apart from the fact that I customized the theme to look a certain way and now have to do it over again even though I don’t remember what I did exactly; there’s the issue I’m still getting error messages in my shop…. I hope to one day get this straightened out.

Honestly, this is why I don’t design that many websites: too many issues to deal with between the css, and the php and the plugins and the themes. I hate having to troubleshoot all these random issues that pop up and it’s freaking unavoidable

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