Grand Comics Festival this weekend

June 3, 2013News

This weekend I’ll be selling my work at the newly created Grand Comics Festival, at 343 Grand Street Brooklyn. I don’t have anything new from Mocca to sell, in fact my stock of wares needs to be replenished very very badly. Which I guess is just the right excuse to come to the festival before … Read More

Watercolor commission

May 1, 2013New art work, watercolors

An old coworker of mine recently commissioned me to do some watercolors of her newborn baby. You can see the results above. I was thinking, as I was doing the watercolors, that I’ve really gotten spoiled with crearing on the computer: you can always undo. With watercolors, if you make a mistake, it’s impossible to … Read More

Work in progress: tree of life

April 15, 2013New art work

Here’s something I’ve been working on and off for almost a year now: it’s a family tree of life on Earth. I first had the idea for it when after a trip to the Museum of Natural History where they had displays showing evolutionary pathways between organisms in some of the exhibits. I went to … Read More

Mocca fest 2013

April 3, 2013News

This weekend I will be sharing a table with fellow “squiders” Alden and Alex at Mocca Fest 2013. I’m paradoxically not super excited. I feel a bit burned out with festivals, and I really shouldn’t be considering I’ve only done eight over two years. We will have the new issue of 3-arm squid to debut … Read More

Illustration Served

March 19, 2013News

I got an email on Saturday, which unfortunately got filtered to my junk mail, informing me my “goggling at fishes” book was featured on the blog “Illustration served“, which is part of BeHance. I’m happy with any exposure, although I worry it means I actually have to post more stuff on BeHance. I’m kinda lazy … Read More

New York buildings

March 19, 2013journaling, Sketches

I don’t usually draw buildings or cityscapes because: 1 Drawing cubes doesn’t interest me, and 2 I have a hard time keeping everything in proportion, but here are some sketches I did recently. I think the sketch with the white sky is the best cityscape I’ve ever drawn. I still fudged up the amount of … Read More

Three armed squid submission

February 25, 2013New art work

Above you can see some panels from my latest comic for the “Three-armed squid” anthology. The rest of the pages, you’ll have to wait until Mocca 2013 to see. This second issue is based on the four temperaments and my temperament was sanguine (actually my temperament is melancholic according to an online test). I actually … Read More

New book: Heaven & Hell

February 16, 2013New art work

Hot of the presses, a new accordion book titled “Heaven and Hell”. I’ve had an idea for a while about doing a book about love / hate because I thought the juxtaposition would be interesting to see. The idea morphed into heaven and hell, even though I’m not religious at all, because I was inspired … Read More

APPsolute Fun! lecture at Society of Illustrators

January 16, 2013Exhibitions

Just got back from a lecture at the Society of Illustrators about how illustrator can go into the app making business (and also draw on the iPad). As a public service, so you dear reader can reap from the $15 I spent attending it, I’m sharing some of the notes I took. Laura Tallardy was … Read More