Self-published Lost Falcon

March 10, 2020New art work
It's been a while since I last wrote a post. My ongoing battle with insomnia makes it hard to stay productive sometimes. I saw a new sleep doctor, and I FINALLY was prescribed sleep medicine, as opposed to anti-depressants that have sleep-inducing side effects. Turns out, sleep medicine doesn't stop me from waking up in [...]

Finishing up a comic 10 years in the making

May 9, 2019Silkscreen
I recently finished a comic that is now 10 years in the making. That comic is titled "Alien Encounters”. Much like my prehistoric books, it was also envisioned as a series, but one that hasn’t been as successful as my prehistoric series. I had created a silkscreen version of that comic 10 years ago, but [...]

Making toys

December 21, 2018New art work
Since I finished working on my Triassic accordion book, I’ve been wasting time making 3-d objects. I should be focused on making more books, but instead, I feel like making toys. I love toys…or rather, I used to love toys. I feel like, when I was young, I had stronger feelings about stuff. For instance [...]

The theme in my work

November 25, 2018Silkscreen
I haven’t posted in a while, so that means I have to post right now to give updates. I’m waiting for my shipment of Triassic books to arrive. I actually received 15 copies, just in time for Comic Arts Brooklyn, and I sold out. So, it’s good to know my prehistoric books still gets interest, [...]

Progress on Triassic book, and other project

August 19, 2018New art work
FINALLY! An update on the various stuff I've been working on. First and foremost, I have finished the artwork and text on "The Triassic." Now all that's left is to produce it...I don't know how that's going to happen since I'm not in New York, and therefore have no access to a print lab. I'll [...]

My struggle with Insomnia

August 7, 2018personal thoughts
In this blog post, I 'll talk about something personal that I’ve been going through for the past 10 months: insomnia. I’ve always been an insomniac, and usually, that meant going to bed very late. Night-time always made me anxious, and when I was young, I associated sleep with death. As an adult, I realize [...]