This book is a bit different from my typical offering. Inspired from rage comics, this book has a collection a faces / expressions to help in making photo comics (not rage comics specifically). It’s an unusual idea, and I don’t know if it’s completely stupid or just a little bit. I’ll gauge people’s reaction tomorrow at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest. Because it’s a book full of faces, I thought the title “Face book” would be nice, but wouldn’t you know it, that name is already taken. Admittedly I hate coming up with titles for my work, I try to come up with simple names. In this case, since the book is like a paper action figure I went with “Mr. Book”.

I was debating what to do for the body of the charatcer. I actually built a body out of sculpey and was thinking of creating a mold to make copies, but that would make this book expensive, so instead I made the bodies out of paper and yesterday I fashioned a stand (for my display purposes) with some sculpting wire I had laying around and masking tape. You can see it below, and maybe copy my super primitive design if it suits your fancy.

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