Sorry about the crummy pictures…I really wish my DSLR camera hadn’t been broken by a certain someone who shall remain nameless. I’m stuck with a point and shoot for the long haul. Anyway…

Back from a long hiatus, here is my newest book “The Ordovician and the Silurian”. It’s a long title, but I have nothing to do with the naming of periods so I’m stuck with it.
So about this book, it took a couple months to research and about one month to produce. There is text behind the images about these two period. I tried to condense all the scientific texts I found and make it palatable for the lay person.

I’m already in the research phase for the next book in the series “the Devonian”, but I don’t expect to actually start drawing anything for that book until next year. There are other book projects ahead of “the Devonian” in my “project conveyor belt”, like that space ant comic saga I started but did not finish.

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