Last week my oil painting class finished. The portrait you see above is the culmination of 30 hours of work. This was my first painting class ever. I did some acrylic paintings when I was in middle and high school, but I’ve always been more focused on drawing than painting…so don’t judge too harshly. Admittedly the girl above looks man-ish, but she was a tough model to capture.

I took the oil painting class with Marvin Mattelson at SVA, and I recommend it to anyone interested in figurative painting (and who can afford it). The teacher is really great. One of the things I find about art teachers in general is that some of them don’t give a lot of instructions, and if they do, the instructions are very vague. But Marvin gives clear instructions. Which is not to say the class is easy. The supply list is very exact and huge, you have to premix the color palette before class every week, and then carry all your painting gear to class…also it’s one of the most expensive continuing education class SVA offers.


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