Overkill by Tomer Hanuka is a 104 page book compiling the illustrator’s work over the years. I really like the cover for this book, it’s hot pink book cloth with a debossed sticker, and some metal foil type on the back. It makes the book seem expensive. I generally like Tomer Hanuka’s artwork; the colors are vibrant and he uses long fluid lines. But I’m not keen on the graphic nature of some pieces like “jaw breaker”. What can I say, I’m squeamish.

All the illustrations in the book can be seen on his website. This is the first time I can see his work closely and looking at it closely I noticed some things. His figures in general have very long limbs, but personally I feel like it’s too much. Also, there are about 7 pictures in the book drawn in a different style, with rougher looking lines. So in some aspect I was a tiny bit disappointed with the artwork. Overall, the artwork and the book is good, but I guess I had very high expectations.

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