The Lost Falcon

The “Lost Falcon” is a story inspired from Egyptian mythology. It follows a young nomad who goes on journey so the sun can rise again. In order to uncover the mysteries in the book, the reader needs a heat source (like a hair dryer, heat pad, very warm hands) to make the thermal ink disappear and reveal the image underneath.

The book is now available in my shop.

This book was formerly, a handmade silkscreen book with die cut cover, and small accompanying prints. Making the book by hand was a challenge: I couln’t silkscreen the text on the artwork because it was too small, and trimming the book to it’s final size was a huge challenge. So given these difficulties, and that the book was pretty popular at zine fests, I wanted to get it offset printed. I launched a Kickstarter to get it printed, but it failed to get enough traction. I want ahead with printing anyway (a big financial gamble really) because I SERIOUSLY didn’t want to make these books by hand anymore.

24 pages

2nd Edition: Offset printed
1st Edition: Silkscreen

2nd Edition: 2020
1st Edition:2017

Thermal ink demo

Silkscreen ed. prints