I was invited to contribute to the comics anthology “Rabid Rabbit” for their fourteenth issue. By the way I helped in building their new website last year, which I think is why they let me contribute a comic. Anyway, the theme for the upcoming issue is “Romance”. I had to think long and hard on a story that would fit two pages. All I could come up with were depressing stories, but then I remembered something I saw months ago: a japanese artist who did these sequential images on a simple scene. I wanted to do something similar, so I came up with a simple scenario of a married couple having dinner.

Drawing the comic ended up being harder than I thought. Drawing people in profile is tricky, for me a least, because profiles can look flat. After drawing many people in profile and not being happy with the results, I ended up modeling for myself. That means I drew myself 11 times for the woman’s part, and 11 times for the man’s part. Then I collaged my sketches together and redrew them, making sure to bulk up “the man” and add the little girl between the couple.

Below you can see one of the collages and the final art for two of the panels. Rabid Rabbit 14 makes its debut April 28, just in time for Mocca.

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