Another cool book from Dover! This is a collection of sketches/ drawings by Egon Schiele. Schiele is a comtemporary of the artist Klimt, and they were both part of the Vienna Secessionist movement. The Vienna Secessionist movement is, superficially, very similar to art nouveau, but uses a bit less embellishments. Klimt is known for paintings with very clean sensuous lines, by contrast, Schiele’s lines have an awkward look. His drawings are very distinct, he mostly draws contours, and simplifies forms quite a bit. The uniqueness of the drawings is what compelled me to buy this book. The book mostly has figure drawings of women…and sometimes their crotches.. He liked to draw about sex, so this is definitely not a book for the little ones. 🙂 The other drawings include some self-portraits, a couple of children drawings, one city-scape and a still-life. The suggested retail price is $6.95, so it’s a steal (like most of Dover’s books). If you like Schiele’s work, and I think it’s a bit of an acquired taste, this is a very good book to get.

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