The Triassic

The Triassic - Vol 1. of the Mesozoic series Continuing from the Paleozoic series, The Triassic depicts the creatures (including dinosaurs) that survived and evolved after the Permian extinction FORMAT 6x4.8Inches 24 panels MEDIUM Digital YEAR 2018


Dioramas Intrigued by the idea of cramming worlds inside boxes, I've created several dioramas over the last two years. The first "series" are meant to be light-activated music boxes, that play music from Camille Saint-Saëns "The Carnival of the Animals". The dioramas are paired with the songs "The lion", "Fossils", "The Swan", "The cuckoo in [...]

The Lost Falcon

The Lost Falcon The "Lost Falcon" is a story inspired from Egyptian mythology. It follows a young nomad who goes on journey so the sun can rise again. In order to uncover the mysteries in the book, the reader needs a heat source (like a hair dryer, heat pad, very warm hands) to make the [...]

The Paleozoic

The Paleozoic340 million years of history in a 42 feet long illustration "The Paleozoic" is a series of five illustrated accordion books about the era before the dinosaurs. Starting from the Cambrian explosion to the Permian's great dying, the books explain the major events and evolutionary milestones of each period in plain language. The inspiration [...]

Mister book

Mister Book A book (with a body) that contains 72 expressions and faces with empty word bubbles to be filled in as inspiration strikes. FORMAT 2.5x2.25Inches 144 pages MEDIUM Digital print YEAR 2011

Evolution Flipbook

Evolution Flipbook A 250 page flipbook showing evolution, starting from a single cell organism, to a bird. FORMAT 3x6in 250 pages MEDIUM Animation Desk, Digital printing YEAR 2016

Zoo sketches

Zoo Sketches A book with a series of sketches drawn at the Miami Zoo. Each sketch was cleaned up, scanned and colored digitally then printed with RISO FORMAT 36 pages MEDIUM RISO YEAR 2016

Creatures of the Deep

Creatures of the Deep Print A silkscreen print measuring 22x30 inches. It depicts some of the animals that live in the depths of the ocean. All the spots that are luminescent on the animal are printed with glow in the dark ink. FORMAT 22X30in MEDIUM Silkscreen YEAR 2015


Quotes A handmade book. The cover is silkscreened, with a die-cut of quote marks. The inside page are RISO-printed (4 colors). The book features 16 quotes by various thinkers that personally appeal to me. But the reason I worked on this book was to experiment with typography. As a graphic designer, most clients want clean [...]

Stand-alone Illustration

Stand-alone illustrations Some stand-alone illustrations which in many cases were actually studies for my longer books: coral reefs, fish, birds, children, elephants. FORMAT Most of them are about 12x18in MEDIUM Silkscreen YEAR 2009-2014