Caring Coach Curriculum

Caring Coach Curriculum Small pamphlet produced by Dove Men for their "Caring Coach" initiative. CLIENT Edelman for Dove SERVICES Brochure Design YEAR 2015

Episcopal Church brochure

Brochure for the Episcopal Church Small brochure for congregants of the Episcopal Church, giving them tips on how to talk to Children about God. CLIENT The Episcopal Church SERVICES Brochure Design YEAR 2015

Tally Weijl Report

Tally Weijl Printed Report Tally Weijl is a German fashion retailer for young women. They needed to design their annual report to feel more hip and sexy. CLIENT Tally Weijl SERVICES Report Design YEAR 2011 Tally Weijl Deck To coincide with their printed report, they also needed a powerpoint version of it. CLIENT Tally Weijl [...]

Gevalia package insert

Gevalia package insert Pamphlet and leaflet that comes with Gevalia's monthly coffe delivery. To celebrate seasonal flavors, the pamphlet gives seasonal recipes and craft project. CLIENT FCB forĀ Gevalia SERVICES Direct Mail YEAR 2010

Acrysof brochure

ReSTOR Cataract lens ad and DM package Print ad and Direct mail package to coincide with the launch of Alcon's new cataract lens, ReSTOR. CLIENT FCB for Alcon SERVICES Direct Mail, Print Ad YEAR 2006 Alcon Cataract lens brochure and leaflets Brochure explaining cataract surgery and the different lenses available at Alcon CLIENT FCB for [...]

Pataday Spring Kit

Pataday CRM package This CRM package, for Pataday eye-allergy drops, was sent prior to the allergy season. The package, which opens with a gate fold illustrates how users of Pataday do not need to shut their windows for fear of allergies. CLIENT FCB for Pataday SERVICES Direct Mail YEAR 2008 Pataday Direct Mail This direct [...]

UHG/AARP Medicare Guide

Medicare Journey Guide United Healthcare Group in collaboration with AARP, provides supplemental insurance to seniors with Medicare. This booklet was aimed at new Medicare recipients, informing them about what Medicare covers and how supplemental insurance can help. Designed after travel journals, it shows Medicare as a journey, where splits in the road represent different choices [...]

Discovery Networks Mediakit

Discovery Networks Mediakit MediakitĀ for Discovery Networks Latin America & Iberia. It contained information on all the channels of the Discovery Network. The kit leveraged the graphics used in their promotional video, and it was reproduced in English, Spanish and Portuguese CLIENT Concept Cafe for Discovery Networks Latin America & Iberia     SERVICES Print Design [...]

Plan B Brochure

Plan B Stand and Brochure Take-one stand and brochure for doctors' offices and college campus using images from the print Plan B commercials CLIENT FCB for PlanB SERVICES Brochure and Stand design YEAR 2008

Oreo Ad Campaign

Oreo ad Campaign Seasonal print ads for Oreo cookies. The ads cover summer, back to school and Halloween. CLIENT FCB for Oreo SERVICES Print ad YEAR 2007