Hibiscus Direct Mail Package

Hibiscus Direct Mail and Annual Report Hibiscus Children Center, a non-profit helping abused and neglected children, wanted to redesign their direct mail and annual report to have a fresher look. The overarching concept was that Hibiscus provides "storybook endings" to these children's lives. Bright illlustartions were created to support the concept. CLIENT FCB for Hibisvus Children [...]

Gerber Direct Mail

"Spoonful" mini magazines Gerber sent mini-magazines to new mothers, containing "spoonfuls" of information regarding their babies and nutrition. CLIENT FCB for Gerber SERVICES Direct Mail YEAR 2006

City Harvest Invitation

City Harvest Invitation Every year, City Harvest,a charity which receives food donation to feed the poor of New York City,  invites media buyers to a breakfast to ask for free ad space. The invitation is printed on edible paper to show City Harvest's commitment in not letting anything go to waste. CLIENT FCB for City Harvest [...]