Metrozoo sketches

January 30, 2011journaling, Sketches

While on my Miami vacation, I went to the zoo about 5 times, to sketch and take pictures. I feel I have to promote the zoo a bit here, because when I went there, it was kind of empty. So here are three cool things about Miami Metrozoo: You buy a general admission once, if … Read More

Illustration Friday: Dusty

January 26, 2011Silkscreen

I think I’ll make a silkscreen print from this… Please click on the image to see the full size. Update: Just finished making a silkscreen of this illustration. You can see it in the work section of my site. The registration is a bit off… and had some problem washing off the emulsion. I’ll have … Read More

Illustration Friday: Chicken

January 20, 2011Silkscreen

I thought I’d try an illustration for “illustration friday”, to practice working quickly. I did the drawing in about a day, with no reference. I wanted to just get this illustration done as quickly as possible…sometimes I overthink things, so here I decided to not think at all. This week’s suggestion was “chicken”.

“Drawings of Mucha” book review

January 17, 2011Book Review

I’ll be reviewing the book “Drawings of Mucha: 70 works by Alphone Maria Mucha, including 9 in full color” from Dover Publications. It’s a bit tricky to review a book containing mostly art..especially when the book title gives it away. Either you like the drawings, or you don’t and that’s that. You can’t really argue … Read More

Are illustration competition scams?

January 15, 2011News Articles

This is a question I’ve been wondering since I’ve received an email from Communication Arts reminding me of their illustration competition. For the record I entered their competition last year, I also entered American Illustration, 3×3, and Society of Illustrators. I’ve “lost” all of them. I could just assume that I’m not as good as … Read More

“Your creative license” review

January 10, 2011Book Review

Still don’t have a scanner this week, so I can’t upload some new sketches I did. Here’s a book review instead (my first)! Your creative license by Danny Gregory Interestingly, this is categorized as a self-help book. If you’re the type of person with a strict daily routine, and never do anything remotely artistic, then … Read More

I’m on DeviantArt

January 1, 2011News

Decided to put up a page on DeviantArt. I initially resisted the idea because it seems like the bulk of deviantart is populated by teens who like to draw fanart (whereas i’m not a teen and i haven’t done fanart since college). But after the insistence of one of my teachers, c.m butzer, I thought … Read More

Starting work on new project

December 26, 2010News

No new drawings this week, since I don’t have access to a scanner. I’ve mostly been doing research for a new book project. I had an idea while looking through the promotions paper companies make. I really want to make a book that has different paper stocks, papers sizes, die-cuts etc. The book will be … Read More