For students of animation and film making, here is book containing the storyboard for the anime movie “Steamboy”. I wasn’t too crazy about the movie when I saw it, in fact I can’t remember the story, but visually it’s a very nice movie. It was directed by Katsuhiro Otomo , of “Akira” fame, and I assume the storyboards were also drawn by him. And they are quite impressive and detailed.

The book is about 780 pages thick, and apart from a few title pages is full of storyboards. The drawings look close to finished in most frames, in fact the amount of detail in the shots of the city and machinery is mind boggling. The book is also japanese and all the text is therefore japanese, but I don’t think it’ s necessary to know japanese to enjoy the book. I highly recommend the book for film /animation buffs. You can buy it from Amazon Japan here.

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