An old coworker of mine recently commissioned me to do some watercolors of her newborn baby. You can see the results above. I was thinking, as I was doing the watercolors, that I’ve really gotten spoiled with crearing on the computer: you can always undo. With watercolors, if you make a mistake, it’s impossible to fix it in some cases. So I was afraid of “overworking” the watercolors, and that it would end up looking muddy.


  • These drawings are really fresh and seem to capture the feeling of a newborn and mother. You have courage to work in watercolor, I wouldn’t even attempt it for the reasons you say.

  • Have you ever used watercolor pencils? I find them much easier to work with than straight watercolors but they can be just as expressive.

    • I actually have some watercolor pencils but I’ve never used them. What I like about watercolors is that it’s really easy and fast to color big areas, whereas with pencils, it takes a bit more effort. But I’ll definitely give the watercolor pencils a try.

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