Bought a new small sketchbook for drawing on location last week (Strathmore Toned Tan). As a result of the toned paper, I bought a couple of white pens for fun (I actually have white chalk / pastel but don’t like how it smudges). Here’s my super quick evaluation of the three white pens I bought. Also check out my lemur sketches in which I tested out each pen.

The first pen I got was actually a white-out pen from Muji. It’s super opaque, draw-back is it runs pretty thickly so it needs time to dry. Also, the pen nib gets clogged as white-out pens are wont to do. The second pen I got was the gelly roll white pen. It was a bit less than $2.00, but the white is a bit transparent. You need to do several strokes to get a nice white line. Third pen, the uni-ball Signo um-153, I had to get at Kinokuniya. It’s $3.00 and the best white pen out of the three. The ink is opaque and it dries instantly.

I also bought a gelly roll silver glitter pen. Don’t know why I bought it, I guess my inner child really wanted to draw with glitter. What can I say, shiny things amuse me.

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