This past Saturday, I exhibited my work at the BCGF. I was surprised by how crazy packed the festival was. Usually in festivals crowds come in waves, but this time it was pretty much packed throughout the day. It was so packed, condensation formed on the walls and I had to take down my print from the wall so they wouldn’t get warped from the wetness. Didn’t have a chance to leave my table and see other people.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and said nice thing about my work. Sorry to the people who only had credit cards, my Ipad doesn’t have 3G connectivity, so I need a working WI-FI connection to make the credit payments happen. And a special shoutout to Nari and Peter, coworkers from my agency days, who I didn’t expect to see. Thanks for the support everyone. The next fair I’m doing is the Degenerate Craft Fair on December 15 and 16 with my “3-armed squid” mates.

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