Just finished showing and selling stuff at the 2-day Degenerate Craft Fair and man, I really need to get a table partner! Once again, I couldn’t see a lot of what other exhibitors were showing, so I can’t report on that. I liked the stuff the few things I saw though :). Especially the exhibitor directly in front of me : Drive by Press. I had about 10 hours to pick one of their t-shirt designs (I mean it’s all I could see given their location). They do woodblock printing on t-shirts, and they do it on the spot! It’s a really cool idea, and one that would not work at all with silkscreen…unless you had a huge sink at your disposal, but I digress. I also got to trade with two other exhibitors: Heart Button & Boat soaps, and Meemocraft.

As an exhibitor, I found that Sunday was a better day than Saturday. Saturday coincided with the Santa Crawl, which I had no idea existed until that very day. The place became filled with drunk Santas (and elves). Giving away free beers on Saturday evening, exacerbated the situation. I wasn’t prepared to deal with that at a craft fair. Apart from that, the fair exceeded my expectations. I thought I’d just sell t-shirts, but I sold some my silkscreen books as well! So thank you to all the people who came by my table! Next up: need to make new books , t-shirts, prints for Mocca Fest 2012!

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