Yours truly is exhibiting at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)this weekend, at table 220 with fellow “3-armed squid” member Alexandra Beguez. I hear my table is on the second floor, but apart from that it’s somewhere where I don’t where it is…I’ll figure it out when I get there. 😛

So yes, I’m taking my stuff and going international with it. As of right now, I feel like planning for this has been a hassle, precisely because it means going out of the country: I’ve had to renew my passport, and I still need to exchange money, make change, and hope everything goes well going through the border (I’ve heard horror stories of people getting their cameras and comics confiscated). Also, I’ve watched every episode of “Air disasters” and I’m going by plane. Also also, the forecast the day I’m flying doesn’t look too good right now… So tension is running high, but I hope everything will go smoothly this weekend.

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