I submitted a drawing for Gowanus Printlab T-Shirt design contest., because why the heck not? I’ve never been to the Gowanus Printlab, and if I didn’t have prior engagements tomorrow I’d probably go to their awards party.

Tee Ocean PollutionTee Oean Pollution

I submitted one design but two different color schemes because I couldn’t make up my mind. It’s an underwater illustration (again). I spent 8 months working on the “Goggling at fishes” book, and there were lots of drawings that didn’t make it in the final book. So I recycled one of those unused drawing for the contest. I made some alterations though: I added trash bags (it’s an environmental theme), and switched the boy character with a girl because I haven’t drawn a girl in a while. Also, I used a Pentel brush pen for the lines.

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