Since I’ve updated my site, I was wondering whether I should merge together my design site with this site. The reason why I made different sites to begin with was because my illustration work looks different than my design work, which has a more “corporate” look. The different aesthetics is just a reflection of the different demands of the job: as a designer, you work as part of a team and have to follow existing style guidelines, but as an illustrator you get jobs BECAUSE of your distinct style. Also, I was worried people would question my design abilities because I also illustrate and vice versa (yes, it has happened).

Then I reasoned : if corporations are people, then people are corporations, ergo I too can branch out in different fields. For instance, Disney doesn’t just create cartoons, it also has a theme park, creates live-action movies, video games etc… Besides I’ve always been a “jack-of-all-trades”, it’s an ability that has served me well when I’ve had to create complex projects on my own. Not to mention that trying new things keeps me fresh creatively.

So that’s the news. I still need to write a few project descriptions, but the merger is pretty much done. Hurray!

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