While on my Miami vacation, I went to the zoo about 5 times, to sketch and take pictures. I feel I have to promote the zoo a bit here, because when I went there, it was kind of empty. So here are three cool things about Miami Metrozoo:

  • You buy a general admission once, if you come back within 5 days, you pay $5 to get in, (and then with the $5 ticket, you can come back within 5 days and pay $5 again)
  • They have a lot of animals from warmer climates. And as you can imagine, since most animals in the world live in warmer climates, they have lots of animals…and lots of rare animals like the okapi
  • They have a talking parrot in the Amazon exhibit. It says “hello” and “what are you doing”. I felt bad leaving the exhibit he’s sharing with some monkeys. The monkeys don’t understand him. But I digress.

zoo sketcheszoo sketches 2zoo sketches 3zoo sketches4zoo sketches 5zoo sketches 6zoo sketches 7

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