Due to popular demand from people I meet at conventions, I’ve started to set up social media sites on twitter, facebook and the like. I actually already had a facebook site, but I though I should set up something more professional…And the Twitter account, I’ve had for a year, but never used it. You see, without a smart phone, it’s kind of annoying having to login to Twitter to post short sentences. But because it’s the 21st century of doing business I will be diligent in updating it as often as I can, so “friend me” or “follow me” if so is your fancy.

There’s also an email newsletter option I’m still setting up. The newsletter will be monthly. I’m debating whether to join google+ and other social networks. I should start small for now, I’m still working out some things like when I post to TwitPic, it gets sent automatically to Twitter but not to facebook. I’d prefer not uploading the same thing across several sites. Ah, the joy of marketing!

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