I’ve been procrastinating on writing my “TCAF” report. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table (sharing a table with fellow 3-arm squidder Alexandra Beguez)!

As I mentioned in my last post, preparing for this festival was kind of a drag since it was in another country. I had to renew my passport, get Canadian money in small bills, go through customs and once again contemplate certain death aboard an airplane. I know airplane travel is very safe, but it doesn’t make the prospect of dying in an airplane crash any less horrifying. I want to leave behind a recognizable corpse, is all I’m saying.

Enough about my morbid thoughts! So TCAF had a very good turnout on both days. I think the free admission helped in that regard. I had four people buy the whole set of prehistoric books (there’s three so far), and the first book in the series, “The Cambrian”, sold really well. It surprised me because it’s the older book, and as such, I like to think my drawings improved since then. But apparently there are a lot of paleontologists and geologists who study the Cambrian and Ediacaran in Canada.

I was also VERY surprised to meet some people who said they bought my books at Desert Island in Brooklyn. I didn’t expect that at all. On a tangent, I also never saw that many women with asymmetrical hair cuts as I did in that festival. Seriously, prior to the festival, I had only seen two people with that hairdo. At TCAF, it was like an avalanche of asymmetrical cuts.

Outside of the festival, me and Alex were staying in a dorm, which was the cheapest accommodation offered to the exhibitors. Since neither of us ever lived in dorms, it was kind of interesting (what? no complimentary breakfast?!). Also, there was no tv or wi-fi at the dorm, so we had to talk to each other like people used to do in the old days. Ugh!…I’m joking by the way. Sometimes humor gets lost in the written word.

TCAF also had some night events planned for exhibitors, which we went to. That’s where we met the worst DJ ever. The DJ was so bad that I wished somebody would just hook up the sound system to their IPOD and have it play random songs. Granted, I’m not a connoisseur in the way of the DJ, but the beat was sooooooo slooooooow and the transitions between songs were either awful or nonexistent that after 1 hour we just left.

I returned to New York on Monday, rich in Canadian money…a bit less so in American money. Tried to get rid of all my Canadian coins by buying things in the vending machines, alas the money exchange dude at the airport gave me more coins ;_;.

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