I printed a stereoscopic book in December for which I didn’t make an entry in my blog yet. So here goes. This book is a bit different from all my previous book in that it has one color illustrations (for the stereoscopic effect, the illustration is printed twice with different colors, but you can read about that in my previous post), and it’s not a kid-friendly story. Not that there’s any sex and violence, but the book is about corporations and the financial collapse.

I was looking for an environment that would translate well to a 3-d book, and also an environment that was nightmarish in its monotony.In order to correctly render the spiral staircase, I created a model of the tower on Google Sketchup, a 3-d modeling software. As for the cover, it’s black varnish printed on black paper. The cover doubles as an envelope to hold the 3-d glasses.

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